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About ISBC

The Indian School of Business and Computing aims to prepare students with skills and knowledge that would help their career growth. Indian School of Business and Computing in collaboration with the University of the West of Scotland provides international masters programs; providing students with the global advantage.

We present a unique opportunity for our students to procure a British Masters degree at an affordable fee right here in Bangalore, India. Our MBA & MSc in Mobile and Web Development courses are tailored and designed to help students develop skills and knowledge that would help them meet the industries requirements. We also provide students the opportunity of completing their final semester either in UK or Scotland.




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Placed within 6 months




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Vision Statement

To create programs that have a globally relevant curriculum to help students carve new career paths - all this, with affordable fee structures!

Our Values


Provision of education that is informed by industry and industry needs.


Excel in the delivery of curriculum through state-of-the-art facilities & lecturers.


Produce graduates that exhibit competency and skills.


Value of the degree, accepted in India as well as any other part of the world.

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About University Of The West Of Scotland

The University of the West of Scotland is a prominent institution providing students the cultural and educational knowledge they need for the global world. This is greatly embedded in the curriculum, teaching methodology and the research projects undertaken. The degree and curriculum from UWS expose the students to a global perspective that in turn opens up many international opportunities.

At UWS, we believe in our students’ future. We have a proud record in delivering work-ready graduates and developing effective partnerships with business, industry and the public and voluntary sectors. With our cutting-edge courses, practical knowledge, and intelligent teaching, we help our students go ahead.

A partnership with the UWS aims at bringing together students and professionals from their industry. Students are trained and taught to become partners and potential leaders in their fields of profession. They are provided with the globally relevant knowledge, skills, and confidence to think critically and challenge pre-existing knowledge. UWS will open up a world of new possibilities where students will have instant access to some of the greatest facilities, expert career advice and a faculty that is at par excellence.

UWS Ratings:

  • Received a 4-star rating at the WhatUni’ Student Choice Awards 2015.
  • Received the highest award for quality and standards in the 2014 Enhancement-Led Institutional Review.
  • Received ranking of 501-600 in the World University Rankings 2018.
  • UWS commitment to excellence transpires to the Indian School of Business & Computing (ISBC) where we aim at providing the best possible student experience and success.