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Admission Process

Gaining admission at ISBC is a rigorous process. Students have to fulfill the selection criteria for enrollment. Students are advised to apply well in advance as sometimes courses tend to be oversubscribed.

International students should apply in advance in order to have ample of time with the visa process and various other formalities that need to be done. ISBC provides assistance with visa and various other formalities international students would have to complete before coming to the campus in Banglore, India.

The following documents are required for the admissions for degree courses conducted at UWS and affiliated colleges:

  1. Completed application form duly signed by the applicant
    (All sections should be neatly handwritten and the statement of purpose should have a clear explanation as to why you would like to pursue the chosen course at ISBC).
  2. Copies of relevant official educational certificates.
    (Attested by the authorized representative or notary public)
  3. Recent passport size photograph.
  4. Resume/CV in the case of mature applicants should also be enclosed.
  5. Two recommendation letters
    (at least one academic referee).
  6. Copy of the passport
    (Compulsory for international students)

Interview Process:

After filling out the application form, candidates would have to go through a personal interview round. In the first instance, prospective students will be interviewed by a local Degree Admissions Officer. The student will then be interviewed separately by a senior staff member to ensure their suitability for the course (Interviews will be carried out either in person, over the telephone, with Skype or with other verbal communication methods, where necessary).

Confirmation of Admission/Fee Installments:

If you have received an offer of admission from ISBC/UWS, you are expected to pay the Fee as mentioned in the offer letter. Admission will not be confirmed if the prescribed fee is not paid on or before the specified date.

*Receipt of application does not automatically guarantee a place on an ISBC/UWS course. ISBC/UWS reserve the right to decline the offer of a place if the candidate does not meet specified requirements at the time of application *ISBC does provide local assistance for African Students.

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