Why British MBA?

A fast-growing trend seen in all big multinationals is the ethnic diversity in their employees. The best brains from around the world are working together while taking the most crucial decisions in tandem. What is really striking is their ability to have a global perspective of things while coming from greatly different cultures and business environments.

What really gives them the ability to build an international career is the exposure, learning they acquired by studying in top international universities and interacting with the teachers and students from different nationalities.

Students who aspire to build an international career by working in the Fortune 500 companies worldwide understand the value of having a degree with a global reputation to add value to their resumes.

A recent report by GMAC highlights the increasing popularity of specialized Master’s programs from international universities in students. Doing Master’s in a specialized subject like finance and management gives an added advantage in securing the best jobs and also places them above the local competition.

With unemployment at an all-time high across the continent, it is a wise move to get employed with a good starting salary package within just 1 year.

British MBA – The best choice for an international career

The Graduate Management Admission Council(GMAC) in its latest report highlighted an increase of 65% in applications sent to B Schools in Europe compared to the applications received 5 years ago.

British Universities received nearly 40% of all applications proving to be the most popular study destination in the entire continent followed by France.

One of the reasons why students are attracted to British Universities is the one-year MBA programs that are affordable compared to two-year programmes offered by American universities.

Get the British MBA Advantage

The internationally respected British Master’s degrees are designed to reflect the evolving nature of the business and the global challenges faced business leaders. It helps the students develop strategic, analytical skills, business intuition, and adaptive thinking. It also helps them enhance communication, negotiation and facilitating skills to be ready for a global career.

The UK Advantage student’s value:

Gain an in-depth understanding of the business/Corporate world Earn an internationally-recognised top credential Increase your earning potential Greater opportunities to work in a country or geographical region of your choice Grow your networking resources Polish your communication skills Advance your career Learn effective tools for organizing business activity and managing business processes Develop essential entrepreneurial skills Flexible study arrangements

British MBA in India – Best return on investment

Today’s global economy honors people who can cross borders, understand cultures, and operate in international contexts.

International School of Business and Computing in association with the University of the West of Scotland offers 1 year MBA programs to create affordable and accessible opportunities for students to be a part of the global economy.

The institute offers a globally recognized MBA Degree Programme that meets the quality standards of British Higher Education — crafted in Scotland, tailored to India.

To get more information about ISBC MBA programmes, visit http://www.isbc.ac.in

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