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Todays global economy honours people who can cross borders, understand cultures, and operate in internation contexts. ISBC aims to create affordable and accessible education opportunities for students to be a part of the global economy.


With the help of India's best International Employment Specialists, our students have had more than 100 prestigious companies interested in hiring them the minute they're out the door

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Ruchika Bhasin

Co-Founder & Creative Head

Upwan Academy, Haridwar

The curricullam,intense training, and the environment provided by the ISBC has helped me to step into the corporate world without any fear or hesitation. I have realized and i do really appreciate, the way we were trained here at ISBC, which makes us ready to handle any situation while at work. For me ISBC is definitely fulfilling its vision of developing business ready graduates

Nivesh Sharma

Product Lead - Mobile Technologies.

Manager - Engagement, Compare Infobase Pvt. Ltd. (mapsofworld.com)

The facilities and quality of teaching provide a rewarding learning environment. My learning experience at ISBC has been very positive. The faculty at ISBC is a great mix of people from the academia and from the industry.

Special mention to Mrs. Vishnupriya Raghavan for her cooperation and active participation. Insights from industry speakers and live projects are some of the areas that could be incorporated in the IS Club Activities. I would recommend the IS course at ISBC to any prospective student wishing to get an MBA in a stimulating environment.

I would like to help support the department’s efforts in teaching and guiding the current students by sharing first-hand experiences from my career field.

Ms. Ntirampeba Amie lise

During Msc IT Mobile Applications in ISBC School is a great experience and a lot of opportunities. The classrooms and labs are great, the knowledge given is incomparable. We have the hope of opportunity to be placed in a professional atmosphere for our better future in professional life.


ISBC's provides its students with complete training on making business plans and follows this up with an internship term that ensures each student is immediately employable.

Susil Kanta Panigrahi

IT Project Coordinator

Delphic Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.

My learning objectives certainly needed guidance and ISBC provided me the ideal platform.

A special thank you to Mrs. Vishnupriya and Mr. Dilip for their invaluable mentoring. A hands-on approach to learning with mock interviews will prove to be invaluable. I would definitely welcome the opportunity to be engaged with any alumni activities and keep in touch with the ISBC community.


The international curriculum and exposure to global work cultures makes each ISBC student eligible for jobs in multiple locations across sectors and in countries around the world.

Sota Gustave Seigneur

I am a student of Msc IT in ISBC . What I like the most about the school is the staff who teaches what the student will need about his professional career with the latest technologies which will help students to improve and excel.

Arun Kumar Nanda

Studying in ISBC has been a good experience starting from the beginning of course. ISBC is well equipped with Mac Labs which facilitate students to study IOS All faculty members are highly qualified and every time they give their 100%.

Ishimwe Gilles Laurier

ISBC is a school where you get many opportunities to meet people from different part of the world with different culture . It has improved my social skills a lot.