Complete a British MBA in Bangalore at ISBC (Part of LSC Group colleges, London) You can complete the entire programme in India or have the option to complete the final semester* in London or Malaysia. (* Terms and conditions apply)

How does it work?

  • MBA is 1 year duration (3 semesters of 4 months).
  • Complete a British MBA in Bangalore at BMA in Collaboration with LSC Group of Colleges (London)
  • You can complete the entire programme in India or have the option to complete the final semester in London or Malaysia.
  • The programme is conducted in Bangalore at the state of the art BMA campus equipped with A/C infrastructure, fully
    stocked library with Digital access, Food court, indoor sports hall and Gymnasium.

International recognition:

Final Degree awarded is same as the one awarded to the students studying in UK and hence is fully recognized worldwide.

Option to Study One Term Abroad:

Students have an option to complete the entire course in India or Complete the final semester* in London or Malaysia, students get valuable international exposure, which would be very helpful in gaining good job placements.

* Terms and conditions apply

High ranked Partnerships:

LSC group of colleges is the largest MBA provider in UK. More than 5,000 students study in Central London from more than 100 countries worldwide.

Bangalore Management Academy (BMA) was ranked in the Top 70 B-Schools in India consistently and more than 2000 MBA students from 29 MBA batches have graduated successfully in the last 8 years and placed in High profile Jobs.

English and communication classes:

Students weak in English and communication will be given additional classes for improvement for an extra fee in addition to the programme. Students can pursue this alongside the programme or before starting the main course subject to the scores obtained in the initial test.

Programme commences in February 2015 and kindly fill up the following query form for personal counseling and further information.

How does the programme work?

Students complete a rigorous two semesters PG Programme in Business Administration (PGPBA) from ISBC, Bangalore which is credit rated to the last semester of the Cardiff Metropolitan University’s MBA degree. Follows

Semester 1*

  • Economics of Markets
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Marketing Management andAnalysis
  • Quantitative Techniques for the Firm
  • Managing Innovation and Technology
  • Financial Reporting and Control

Semester 2*

  • Production and Operations Management
  • Strategy in the Global Context
  • Analyzing International Business Environments (School of Business & Law)
  • Financial Analysis and Management Decision Making
  • Management of Organizations and People
  • Advanced Marketing Management

After the Successful completion of the above two semesters students will be credit rated to the final semester of the British MBA programme conducted at BMA Campus.

Semester 3*

  • (Final part of the British MBA programme conducted at one of the LSC group colleges)
  • Research Methods
  • Business Project (or) Case Study (or) Dissertation

On successful completion of the above three semesters students will be awarded the British MBA degree, which is exactly the same as the one awarded at its main campus in UK.

Total Course Fees

Students from Africa and Nepal – GBP 2950 (USD 4950 - subject to exchange fluctuations)
Living expenses - USD 200 per month (for international students)

For Indian Students – GBP 3950 (INR 4.1 Lakhs - subject to exchange fluctuations)

Students save thousands of dollars in fees and living expenses, compared to doing the same course in UK.

Fee Schedule:

Students can pay the fee in 3 easy installments.

Total course fee including the fee to study in London or Kuala Lumpur is approximately $8000 USD (varies on exchange fluctuations).

NOTE: Visa expenses, travel charges, accommodation and food will be the responsibility of the students in their country of choice.