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The Master of Business Administration (MBA) attracts people from a wide range of academic disciplines. The UK MBA programmes typically consist of a set number of taught courses plus a major project.

The core courses in the MBA programme are designed to introduce students to the various areas of business such as Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Strategic Management. Students on the MBA programme also have a choice of options allowing them to specialise in Finance, Marketing or International Business.

Enrolled Students will be initially registered on a Postgraduate Diploma programme. Students who complete the Postgraduate Diploma programme will then register for the major project phase with Anglia Ruskin University to obtain the MBA degree. The entire course can be completed in Bangalore......

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Indian School of Business & Computing

Indian School of Business & computing (ISBC) is part of the London School of Commerce group (LSC group), the largest B-School in UK with more than 7000 students from over 130 countries.

ISBC in collaboration with Bangalore Management Academy (BMA) presents a unique opportunity for the students to study a British MBA degree in Bangalore at an affordable fee. Students have the advantage of completing the British MBA within the ISBC campus, which is located in the midst of multi-national companies such as Lenovo, Samsung, EMC2, Ericson and more.

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"The excitement of becoming an MBA faded fast when I looked at various MBA programs and MBA institutes in the market in the recent few years. Not being an education geek I was afraid of getting into a course that would force me to indulge in frequent classes and workshops. I also realized, being a working executive with a private firm at a management level, I will not be able to do justice towards my study and hence difficult to justify the investment in terms of time and money. I kept looking at various MBA program ads everywhere and regret me being handicap to take this up.

My last research on the MBA programs within Bangalore or as distant learning from a popular university within India or outside gave me goose bumps as they were too demanding either in terms of study time or in terms of fees or the overall duration to complete the course. I finally gave up thinking this is not my cup of tea and if I force myself in one of such program, either I will lose my job or money or my hair.

Enrolling in the ISBC at BMA for the Executive MBA program from LSC, associated with Anglia Ruskin University, I realized this is a wise-choice. My interactions with their faculty, management/directors and staff at ISBC made me feel comfortable and they never made me realize that I have become an alien to such school programs after losing the touch for 15+ years. They provided me with the right direction to choose the course, prepare myself in terms of work-cum-study schedule and also were flexible for payment terms that helps me pay the fees over a period in 3 installments.

Day-1 of my class was with Dr. Lester Massingham, who happens to be the program Director and responsible for the course world-wide. That itself was a ‘wow’ factor that shows how serious they are into business. The gentleman with always a grace on his face, spent entire 2 days with us. I didn’t even realize his method of delivery is way beyond the class-room style of teaching.

The second day was we had workshop, and though the subject was completely new to us, we could relate the problem to the theories he covered during day-1 and easily come out with solutions. Dr. Lester and his team were patient with all of us demanding for their attention in our first class. Dr. Lester and the faculty even surprised us having an extra session the following day to clarify thoughts, review assignments and put their suggestions.

The local team is working whole heartedly. While they are fully professional and know the course or topics in and out thoroughly, they also go beyond to support with additional info, tips and techniques.

First week was so productive and went-by so fast that no one realized they completed chapters and topics that appeared as huge mountain at the beginning.

I would certainly recommend the course for others to benefit, especially people who are working for past 5+ years and are in & around Bangalore.

Rajesh Dubey
General Manager (South), In4Velocity Systems
MBA (Part time) - Batch 1

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